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Deadline to order whole and half pigs

October 21, 2019

Raising pigs is a productive way to use the whey created from the cheese production here at the farm.  It’s nutritious,  and the pigs think it’s delicious.

Pastured pigs take longer to grow,  about 14-18 months,  and here at the farm they graze in the forest;  eat spent brewer’s grains from our local farmhouse brewery, Odd Alewives;  unsold produce from the local farm market; and grain to balance their nutritional needs.

We have a closed herd,  which means that no outside livestock has been introduced in 3 years and all pigs come from 3 breeding sows, Jig, Jog or Ginger,  and our boar, Arlo.

These are active pigs whose meat is leaner and redder than supermarket pork. We process 2-3 times a year, based on weight.

We are sending 6 pigs to be processed on October 23 and are taking orders for whole and half pigs which we must receive by 10/21, with a $200 deposit.

Cost: $4.25/ pound for the hanging weight of the pig, plus $65. Then to have it cut and wrapped by the butcher it’s .80/# meat plus $2.05/# for smoking (like bacon and ham).
Average total for a whole 225# pog plus smoking, about $1100. This averages final cost at $6.25  per pound for humanely raised pigs.

How much pork?: A whole pig will yield about 150 pounds of finished meat.

How much space do you need?:  Plan on approximately one cubic foot of freezer space for every 15-20 pounds of meat. The interior of a milk crate is slightly more than a cubic foot. For a whole pig you will need 5-6 cu. Ft of freezer space.

Please call Allison at 207-230-4318 to order by 10/21 or with questions.


October 21, 2019