The pigs at East Forty Farm are heritage breed crosses.  The sows are Gloucester Old Spot/Tamworth (Jig, Jog and Ginger), and the boar is a Large Black (Arlo).   They were selected for their ability to live in the forest year round, grazing on the diverse bounty of the land; eating vegetable compost from local farms, supplemented with grain to balance nutritional needs; and drinking whey from the production of Lakin’s Gorges Cheese.  We are a farrow to finish operation, and no new pigs have been introduced to the herd since 2015.

The pigs are helping to reclaim pasture by rooting up brush.  They will eventually be rotationally grazed through 10 acres of the forest, along with our other livestock, improving soil health and increasing their forage diet..

Stop in the Farm Store for delicious pork chops, ribs, bacon, as well as house made pate and sausage.. We take orders for whole and half hogs and 1/4 pork packages..

We breed muscovy ducks for meat and they are harvested in November.

Please call Allison at 207-230-4318 or email at info@eastfortyfarm.com for more information.  We are now offering an online ordering process for pick up at the farm store. Please click here to be redirected, https://eastfortyfarm.square.site/s/order